Reusable Hygienic Face Masks 617

No sanitary PPE. It limits the transmission of infectious agents exhaled by the user to the environment and to others, it also protects the transmission through the saliva of sick people or carriers, restricts the distribution of drops when speaking, coughing or sneezing and prevents allergies, contamination, ashes and pollen.
Does not absorb liquids or odor. The hygienic mask is a complement to the physical distance or hygiene measures recommended by the Ministry of Health in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The mask must be worn snugly covering the mouth, nose and chin. Consult the instructions for use. It is reusable. If you want to use the mask again, after using it it must be washed at 60 °. Maximum number of washes: 60. Double Layer.
Includes side opening to insert mask or surgical filter. The mask is only reusable after washing and drying.
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100% breathable, antibacterial and waterproofed polyester mask in full color sublimation.

Opening to introduce filter or surgical mask.

Design your own mask without limits of surface or colors.

Measurement: 20×13 cm.

Individual packaging with instructions for use.

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100% poliéster indesmallable en impresión digital


A todo color


18×14 cm


Adulto, niño y bebé

Minimum quantity

30 unidades